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Aevum Vita 167
INCI: Propanediol

Aevum Vita 167 is a multipurpose ingredient for cosmetics, which functions as an emollient, humectant, preservative booster, viscosity enhancer and solvent.

It is derived from renewably sourced GMO-free glycerol and offers improved performance in comparison to petroleum-based glycols.

Aevum Vita 167 can be used in cosmetic formulations to improve both skin and hair moisturisation properties, increased smoothness, higher water absorption, a silky feel, but with reduced tackiness.

Renewable Source
GMO free
COSMOS Compliant
Preservative Free
Recommended Dosage
LEAVE ON 1.0 - 5.0 % no limit
RINSE OFF 1.0 - 5.0 % no limit
In use concentrations vary according to the formulation type and the other ingredients present. The correct use dosage should be determined by microbial challenge testing of the finished formulation. ISCA UK offers discounted challenge testing to our customers.
Recommended Applications
SHAMPOO, SHOWER GEL (RINSE-OFF) w/o emulsions Oral Care
Wet wipes Eye Care
O/W emulsions Lip Care CHILDREN UNDER 3
Use scenarios derived from evolution of cosmetic regulation guidelines and preservative performance for typical formulations.
Overview Documentation

Documents related to Aevum Vita 167 available for download.

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Our caffeine and hyaluronic acid gel uses 0.5% Aevum Vita 167 as an emollient to achieve a hydrating and moisturising gel

Adjusted to pH 4.9 using citric acid

Example Prototype Formulation 1

Awakening Caffeine Eye Serum

INGREDIENT % by weight
Aqua 94.9
Aevum Vita 525 2.0
Aquaguard NK12 1.0
Aevum Vita 167 0.5
Squalene 0.5
Dimethyl Sulfone (MSM) 0.5
Sodium Hyaluronate 0.5
Caffeine 0.1
Formulation Guidelines
Formulation Guidelines
purity > 99.8%
Colour < 10 Hazen
Water content < 0.1%
Solubility miscible with glycols, alcohols, and water
General information

Aevum Vita 167 has neutral pH, and is non-irritating / non-sensitising even at very high concentrations. It is miscible with most glycols and alcohols, and is easily dissolved in water. 

Aevum Vita 167 can be combined synergistically with glycerin to produce a long lasting moisturising effect. 

Aevum Vita 167 can also be used as a solvent for other active ingredients such as allantoin, anti-oxidants, botanicals, etc, or it can be used as a preservative booster to increase the efficacy of antimicrobial ingredients such as phenoxyethanol.


Aevum Vita 167 is a multi-purpose ingredient which can be used in a variety of formulations

Aevum Vita 167
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